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The Giver WebQuest


By: Kim Thomas



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It has been known for many years that a government has the power to rule over their people as they see fit.  There have been groups of people who have been mistreated for various reasons.  It is also known that injustice breeds unhappiness dissatisfaction, and anger.  You are a citizen in Jonas’s town, and you are fed up with they way your society is being run!  You want to over throw the government, but you know you can’t do it alone.  In order for your plan to be a success, you must convince the other citizens to ban with you, so that a new government and society can be put into place.  Will you succeed or will you be released from you own community?





Your task is to research a movement in history where a group of people rose up against the government to get laws changed.  You will identify some of the strategies that were used in the movement that changed the mind of citizens and lawmakers. You will use the same ideas from the other movement to help you write a speech to convince the citizens in the town to ban together with you.


Use this link to keep your research organized:    research worksheet




Decide which movement you want to study.  Research that movement.  Write a speech using the movement information as examples to try to convince the other town’s people to side with you.


Research movements where people invoke change: civil rights, suffrage, women's’ movement, child labor, animal welfare, disabilities, immigration, etc.


You are a character in the book, and must write a speech from that character’s point of view, using some of the main tactics that you’ve researched to persuade your government to change.


You will perform your speech at a secret town meeting to try convince the town’s people that your way is better than that of the current government.  The citizens will then vote whether they want to follow you or if you will be executed.  The more convincing you are, the better.


Use these links to help you with your speech:

speech worksheet

online thesis builder




click for resources







Through this research project you have learned a great deal about how change can be made.  You have also learned about how difficult it can be to get people to change their opinion about something they feel strongly about.  Congratulations on completing this project!




Student Reflection Sheet





Choose another movement to study and present a PowerPoint or pamphlet on what you learned. 


You have been transported backing time to the movement that you studied.  Create 3 journal entries to describe what you think it was like, either from your own perspective or someone else from that time frame.



Teacher Notes


Grade Level: 6-8


Duration: approximately 14 days, plus 2 ½ days of presentations (I would not have a whole class of presentations, because the students lose focus).  This does not include the time it will take to read the 23 chapter book, which must be read prior to the WebQuest.


Technology Needs: All students will need internet access to research their movement.  There is also a link you can use to help them create their speech.


Other Resources: This research is primarily set up to be done via computer/internet.  If computers are in short supply, you can always check out library books to supplement or support your students’ research.  You may also wasn’t to print out some information for the students to use from some of the web links that I have provided in the WebQuest.  Another excellent resource would always be a history or civics textbook.


Worksheets: I have created 2 worksheets to assist the students with the WebQuest.

Research Organization Sheet and Speech Sheet 1.


Integration Idea: You may want to enlist the help of your Language or Communication Arts/Writing Teacher.


Variation Idea: As the teacher, you might want to read the final speeches to be voted on by the class/community to ensure that each student’s ideas are voted on fairly.


**Please be advised that all links were working and student appropriate at the time of publishing